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More than just waterproofing services in Ballantrae

Besides our Ballantrae waterproofing service, DryShield also presents crack repair and assessment services which can look after the interior of your house. Through using the various services we have offered, you can make sure that the interior and exterior of your house is safeguarded against water destruction.

Repair a Basement Wall Crack in Ballantrae

There is a small pond on the basement floor. That is not cool. Identify that splash to its sources and the origin proves...

External Waterproofing in Ballantrae

In regards to the external attractiveness of your house or office, the major danger appears in the shape of rainwater...

Internal waterproofing Solutions in Ballantrae

The greatest foe of your house's good looks is water growth in undesirable regions. Seeing how much attempts you...

Repair Concrete Cracks in Ballantrae

Concrete is one tough building material, till even the minimum amount of water leaks into its capillary tube spaces...

Repair Cracks foundations in Ballantrae

Cracks represent swaying foundations, which is not alluring for any home admirer. It is vital to preserve strong...

Wet or damp Basement in Ballantrae

Nearly all basements, as a result of the unconditional nature of the verifiable truth that they are constructed into...

We repair damp, wet, and leaky basements in Ballantrae

DryShield is the major native basement waterproofing contractor, helping Ballantrae families through a drainage method engineered specially to resolve basement water troubles in our region. Our methods can be used to fulfill the requirements of any house....


Call and request a free guesstimate for waterproofing in Ballantrae and nearby areas, as well as all the additional services we have to proffer you. Our office is open every day from morning to night. Serviced locations include Ballantrae, Aurora, Georgina, Lindsay, Newmarket, Port Perry, Stouffville and Uxbridge.

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